Customer Comments
Chere L. - Hoboken, NJ
Thank goodness the Asian markets are finally opening closer to my hood! Although, Kam Man is not that far away - Gold Valley is really right around the corner. Meats and seafood = awesome! LIVE swimming fish - how about that!!! I grew up in Vancouver, and we ALWAYS had live fish. Coming to NJ, it was really odd to have no choice but to eat frozen fish - ew.
Freezer foods - AMAZEBALLS (I have never seen so much frozen goodness. Produce - is OK, but not great. But for the price, pretty good. If I want perfect produce, I'm going to skip over to Wholefood and pay 5x the price.
Minus 1 star - I'm really really hoping that a very awesome hot food bar will open, and an equally awesome Chinese bakery is definitely missing around here. Please open up a yummy Chinatown caliber bakery with egg tarts and cocktail buns PLEASE!
So all in all, pretty good. But some room for improvement for sure - there is certainly loads of room inside for additions.
Jay M. - West Orange, NJ
This place reminds me A LOT of R-N Market in Fresno. The entrance and a little bit of the layout is pretty similar. I'm pretty glad Gold Valley Supermarket opened up since Union really needs an Asian market--Barangay and Casa Manila don't count as they carry primarily Filipino products. Gold Valley carries much more.
There's a nice selection of Japanese products, although most of it is candy and snacks. Most of the brands are well known and/or popular. If you're looking for common Japanese goodies and kitchen accessories, you could probably find them here. As Florence C. mentioned, there is a wide variety of Filipino groceries available here, much more than Kam Man (which I can confirm). The selection of Vietnamese and Korean goods was relatively smaller, however, like most Asian supermarkets in New Jersey. You could find common mixes and pastes for most dishes, but it's limited to that.
The produce has two sections, one in the middle and one on the right side of the supermarket near the entrance. Quality wise, it's a lot better than East West Market in Bloomfield but a notch below Kam Man. However, considering that this supermarket opened up only recently, I'm sure it'll get better.
There's a large frozen foods and refrigerated foods section, along with a sizable seafood area (next to the frozen foods area). One thing I don't like, however, is the number of non-Asian products. There are way too many bags of chicken nuggets, frozen TV dinners, and other frozen items. The bakery and hot food section doesn't seem to be ready yet, but a few breads and pastries can be bought. They aren't baked in store, though, but I'm hoping it's something that will happen later this year.
Gold Valley has a lot of potential. Maybe a month or so of work, upgrading, and advertising and this should be a much nicer supermarket. The location is still a bit far from my place, but it's much more convenient than going to Kam Man or East West.
Jaclyn G. - Union, NJ
Gold Valley Market replaced the old Seabra in the small strip mall next to NY Sport's Club on Morris and Mountain Ave. I've been searching for an Asian market nearby so I didn't have to go all the way to Mitsuwa, H-Mart or Kaman to get a few staple ingredients, and recently found this place. I've only visited once and you can pretty much buy your typical Asian ingredients among sauces (soy sauce, mirin, sesame oil, dashi, miso, Asian marinades, etc), snacks, noodles, fruits + vegetables (Japanese sweet potatoes, purple yam, bitter melons, among other things that I don't even know about). Since it's my first visit, it was a little difficult to find certain things especially if there's no English translation on the packages but I do tend to take my time at any grocery.
They mostly have Chinese groceries here, some Filipino, Korean and Japanese (not nearly enough though to my dismay). They do have a lot more Filipino foods than I expected but I have to also recommend the Seabra at Five Points in Union (on Galloping Hill Rd) for that.
Florence C. - Springfield, NJ
Being of Filipino descent, I always need vinegar on hand and not just any kind but of a brand called Datu Puti. I used to hoarde this and other precious ingredients from Asian supermarkets several miles away but finally, I don't need apocalyptical mentality. This place is just a few blocks from my house if I'm desperate enough to walk while it has plenty of parking.
Upon entering, I was wowed by the amount of Asian and "specialty" produce- like over 10 types of pears, persimmon, durian, dragonfruit, bok choy, bean sprouts, jicama, and more. Their meat selection boasted cow feet, duck gizzards, and cow pizzle! Their seafood selection seemed freshy-fresh but needed some labels. While it's obvious that they're still stocking shelves and filling in details, I can't hide my excitement about this place!
Steve G. - Union, NJ
Open just a bit more than two weeks, Gold Valley wasn't fully stocked on my visit this morning, but does show promise as an Asian grocery. It is larger, cleaner and brighter than the general run of Union County Asian markets, but also appears to be a bit more expensive.
The emphasis at Gold Valley seems to span Chinese, Filipino and Korean specialty items, whether canned, frozen, prepackaged or fresh, with lesser representation of Thai and Vietnamese products. This, of course, may not be the case once the store is fully stocked. Gold Valley's fish department is large and-- at this stage-- appears clean. Several of the fish, however, were clearly mislabeled, a problem which is quite common in Asian markets. The danger of paying higher prices for inferior substitutes means that it is wise to carefully identify what you are buying before your purchase is wrapped up.
Time will tell whether my trips to the Asian markets of Green Brook and Parsippany will be reduced, in favor of Golden Valley. On the basis of my first visit here, that possibility does exist. A middle-of-the-road three star review for now seems fair.
Mick B. - Union, NJ
A new supermarket next to the NYSC on Morris Ave in Springfield, on my visit not fully stocked but definitely a lot going on, especially all of the produce and the fish and meat selections. I am really happy to have a supermarket with a really good produce selection next to the gym where I work out, and since they have opened the parking lot has been packed every day, so busy is definitely good.
Laslo B. - Union, NJ
1st visit & wonderfully surprised to finally have an outlet nearby! Surely more to come but worth the trip now. !!
Cheryl F. - Springfield Township, NJ
Now I don't have to go to NYC to get the asian snacks I like! I just wish the employees spoke better English.