Gold Valley Supermarket has newly opened, located in a shopping center right next to the New York Sports Club.
The mission of Gold Valley is to provide fresh produce at a very affordable price to the neighboring community including the Korean, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Caucasian, Spanish, Indian and others.
You can find the following at the store :
  • Seafood – live fish, squid, salmon, soft-crab etc.
  • Meat – steak, chicken, spare-ribs, chicken breast etc.
  • Fruits & Vegitables – mango, banana, clementine Japanese sweet potatoes, purple yam, bitter melons, variety types of pears, persimmon, durian, dragon fruit, bok choy, bean sprouts, jicama, etc.
  • Kitchen appliances - chop sticks, Chinese dishes, bowls and all traditional Chinese cooking utensil
  • Frozen sections – large frozen foods and refrigerated foods section, along with a sizable seafood area with frozen fish, shrimp, cuttle fish balls etc. Also mochi ice-cream, all Filipino frozen food, chinese dumplings , Chinese Dim Sum and varieties of Asian noodles etc.
  • Asian sauces & ingredients - soy sauce, sesame oil, dashi, miso, Asian Marinades etc.
  • Snack – all kinds of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino snack etc.
Please come to visit and you will be amazed how many varieties of food we have stocked up for you